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Various valve installation instructions

Valves division user equipment does not just know its device method, because the valve at midnight protective equipment is also very important. If you pay attention to the equipment division is a very simple form of damage to the valve may leak, which would constitute a lot of trouble. Then the device division valves how protective it? The following small series to introduce specific equipment valve protection methods it.
     Check valve protective equipment
     In order to prevent the failure of the media back check valve may leak, resulting in lower-quality product, constitute disturbances and other adverse consequences, set up one or two shut-off valves before and after the valve. If you set the two shut-off valves, check valves can be disassembled down to facilitate repair.
     Safety valve protective equipment
     The method generally do not set before the device from the valve, as long as the individual case before the call to. Solid particles such as rich media force, affecting the safety valve is not shutting off after that to a band around the valve device seals the valve, the valve should be fully open, the gate valve and a safety valve installed directly leading to the atmosphere DN20 check valve.
     When comforting relief of wax and other media at room temperature, the solid case, perhaps leaving the light liquid pressure gasification and other media at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, the valve needs to steam heating. Safety valve for corrosive media, depending on the valve corrosion function, consider the valve inlet plus corrosion-proof film. Its diameter gas safety valve is generally set a bypass valve, used as a manual vent.
     Valve protective equipment
    Valve device equipment in general, there are three methods. Before and after the valve is equipped with pressure gauges, pressure valves and check valves before lunch after. After closing the valve as well as equipped with full safety valve to prevent the failure of the valve, the valve pressure across the normal pressure off, the system includes a valve. Vent pipes installed in the front of the valve before the valve off, the primary role is to scour the river drainage, and some choose trap. The primary role of the bypass pipe occurs when the valve problems, shut off valve valves before and after open bypass valve with manual scheduling flow, the flow of the role being played in order to repair or replace the regulator valve .
     Traps protective equipment
     Edge with a bypass pipe and trap without two bypass pipe with condensate recovery and recycling condensate does not pay, and the displacement of up to trap other special requirements, can be used in parallel for equipment equipment.
     Trap with a bypass valve, with a primary role in the beginning of the pipeline operation, for discharging a lot of condensate. When repairing traps, condensate discharge pipe with bypass is inappropriate, it would steam fleeing backwater system. Under normal circumstances, do not install the bypass pipe. As long as there are strict requirements on the heating temperature, the continuous production apparatus was installed with a thermal bypass pipe.