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Over half of global valve is made ​​in China, but the high-end product competitiveness is

China is the world's largest valve manufacturing country, but the profit was only 10% -20% of foreign products. June 12, Secretary-General of China Valve Association Song Yin Li Xiamen main valve entrepreneurs carried out a more forward-looking lectures. "China is the world's largest valve manufacturing countries, more than 50 percent of global production of valves, but in the high-end market competitiveness is not strong. Prices, foreign products are often 5-10 times the domestic like product." Song Yin Li said last year, China imported valve over 100 billion, of which about half is profit. The main income of domestic companies more than 2400 billion yuan last year, only 17 billion yuan of profits. "Domestic enterprises to innovate, develop new products, especially high-end products."

Song Yin Li said that although the domestic enterprises in the localization of high-end category has been some breakthrough, but the overall amount is not enough, if we can gradually "import substitution", the market potential is very large. For example, a liquefied natural gas equipment, you need more than 1300 valves, which more than 1000 are ball, but ball almost did not realize the localization of production, most still rely on imports. "Next, we want to promote Shanghai to become the high-end valve products showcase." President of Shanghai Chen Zorin Valve Association, said Shanghai has a geographical advantage, some Shanghai valve business has been considerable competitiveness in the high-end market.