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Our valve industry, energy innovation to win the market

In recent years, a favorable investment environment by domestic as well as the deepening of infrastructure policy, China's valve industry will have to develop new opportunities for sustained growth. Enterprise self-innovation, achievement of leading technology, a wide range of products dizzying, showing the development prospects of a thriving. It is because of such technological achievements, which makes valve industry showed a positive long-term upward trend.
     According to the national valve manufacturing integrated planning and regional distribution planning, construction of a number of regional leading technology and product development laboratories, test base and product development center. Relying on science and innovation ability of institutions to establish scientific and technological achievements diffusion sites. Encourage and support the establishment of valve manufacturing technology research and development center. Domestic policies and economic situation improves, industrial pumps and valves industry have been favorable conditions for development, it is also very huge upside.
     The next five years with the development direction of China Petrochemical pump is large-scale, high-speed, mechanical and electrical integration, and product sets, standardization, serialization and generalization. Especially in high temperature pumps, cryogenic pumps and cryogenic pumps, precision metering pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, conveying viscous media and media with solids pumps, shielding pumps, the rapid development of technology, the demand will increase dramatically.
     According to the Bureau of Statistics data show that China's valve manufacturing enterprises above designated size total of more than 1700, the production of valves 3.26 million tons, 114.7 billion yuan of industrial output value, total profit 6.39 billion yuan. To meet the needs of complete sets of manufacturing projects, companies need to manufacture a desired item valves, which determines a valve manufacturer to provide all trend will grow.
     In recent years, energy conservation has become the industrial development principles and objectives, from the energy point of view, the development of the steam trap is the trend, and to subcritical and supercritical parameters of the development of high-, low-power devices to meet the needs of the direction of development. Valve companies clearly understand the status quo is only valid industry, continue to strengthen optimize their products to enhance the sense of urgency, strengthen corporate culture and market service concept, only to do a steady demand fast, fast in refinement, refinement Striving to allow enterprises to survive in an increasingly competitive tide valve industry, and development.