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Instructions for use double eccentric half ball

Double eccentric half ball Overview
    PQ double eccentric half ball is in absorbing foreign advanced technology and research and development of successful new products, but also fill the gaps valve variety of innovative products, is carefully weighed under the ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and other advantages and disadvantages of the premise, similar products from Germany and the development of all domestic innovative products, conclusions states: more than the use of performance in some aspects of gate, globe valves and ball valves and other similar products, can be generalized used in petroleum, chemical, power and metallurgy industry, its core technology is a national initiative that unique design, novel structure. Products on the market since, by the customer's approval. The first characteristic; valve structure using the principle of eccentric deed tight, tight through the transmission mechanism to achieve the gate, regulation, closed end, seal ring and ball are metal surfaces in contact with a hard surface sealing valve double eccentric structure hidden in the open sphere in the valve chamber, circulating load is large, and the valve will not be washed, no flow resistance. When the spool is not washed off, turn off the spool valve progressive sphere along with cutting function effectively cut scaling obstacles, to achieve a reliable seal. It easy to scale the medium transport is particularly effective. The second characteristic: a hemisphere with a double metal valves in different spheres surfacing alloy seat also surfacing alloy accordingly, the special treatment, the sealing surface combined into corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature and other types of meet the needs of different occasions, third characteristic: Sealed prohibited, transporting harmful gases reach zero leakage, fourth characteristic: the seat and the ball left the compensation amount, when the seat wear, when you close and then turn a little, still reliable sealing, long life, in addition, users will be a pressure plate bolts off after re-adjust or replace the seat can still be used, to avoid the failure of the whole number of the valve seal scrapped drawbacks.
     According to user needs surfacing different alloys, bi-metal seals can be used for optional wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature and other demanding sealed but different industrial sectors.
The main purpose of products and product features
1, General Valve: Suitable for sewage treatment, pulp, urban heating heating requirements stringent occasion.
2, oil and petrochemical special valve: for crude oil, heavy oil and other oil products, chemical industry, corrosion-resistant, two-phase flow medium. Temperature up to 425 ℃.
3, special gas valve: Suitable for gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas delivery control. Product structure is characterized by a different valve seal surfacing chromium alloy, sealed tight, corrosion-resistant.
4, dedicated slurry valve: Suitable for liquid, solid or liquid two-phase flow in chemical transport reactions or crystallization fouling industrial pipeline. Product structural features required for medium according to the customer, the temperature requirements are different, spheres chrome molybdenum, vanadium alloy welding, valve seat with chromium, molybdenum alloy, chromium alloy, stainless steel alloy electrode surfacing to meet the needs of different slurry transport.
5, coal ash special valves: for control of power plants, alumina, water or gas pipeline Cleaner. Product Requirements wear, the ball using a combination of double metal ball, with a very high stiffness and very resistant, wear-resistant steel welding or using seat. Soft and easy seal replacement,
Advantages half ball
1, the valve body to do the design and design of the outside stairs stairs mating structure, very effectively prevent the occurrence of jamming the ball and seat, seat detachment phenomenon.
2, the flow area is large no flow resistance: This is because possession of the ball after opening the valve cavity, no direct channel flow resistance, flow unobstructed fouling or stuck phenomenon does not occur, a small pressure loss, the media will not be deposited in the valve cavity.
3, switch light: As the eccentric principle, when you turn the ball and seat completely out of the open, without any contact, open and close a small torque, turn 90 degrees to open and close to complete, easy operation.
4, reliable sealing and long service life: The valve is closed, the eccentric ball and seat more closed more tightly in the dual role of eccentric fully achieve good sealing purposes; hemisphere has cut incision between the sphere and the valve seat and squeeze-cut effect, can effectively remove scale or dirt sealing surface, maintain a good seal. In the dual role of the eccentric valve in the open, completely out of the ball and seat open, without any contact with the ball and the seat does not produce friction, very effectively overcome the sealing surface of the sphere and the traditional ball valve seat sealing surface is always friction problem, it is well protected by the sealing surface. Sealing surface wear, valve seat and the ball left the compensation amount, when the seat wear, when you close and then turn a little, still a reliable seal, and the other to adjust or replace the valve seat, and prolong life. This is a half ball most significant features.
5, according to a variety of different temperatures, different media and the production of a variety of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature, etc.
1, designed and manufactured: GB / T12237-1989; API 608
2, inspection and testing: GB / T1392-1992; API 598
3, flange connection: JB / T79.1 ~ 4-2000; ASME / ANSI B16.5
4, the structure length: GB / T12221-1989; ASME / ANSI B16.10